Belgrade Less Ordinary (BLO) is a special edition of the Liceulice Fund. It is designed to BLO your mind!

BLO is designed as an extraordinary, socially responsible, activist guide for the guests of Belgrade and Serbia. This is a "2in1" product because through it you get a high quality magazine with excellent texts on various topics, but also an opportunity to be humane and help LICEULICE’s numerous beneficiaries.

BLO is distributed through the partner network of hotels, hostels, embassies, business partners and in other ways, and realized revenues are intended to provide further support to our beneficiaries. The distribution is organized in two ways:
- By placing branded acrylic boxes at different locations around Belgrade
- By buying a certain amount of copies as a gift for foreign participants at international conferences/meetings etc.

BLO will be printed twice a year, 80 pages, in full color, on quality paper.

By purchasing it, you are directly helping the people in need, and by reading it, you will get some insider help, and truly unique experience through our city.

The recommended contribution is 500 RSD per issue (4 EUR), but you are free to donate more.

Your donation will change and save lives.

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